About us

Ian B


Batting style: Right hand, classical.
Bowling style: Right hand, leg spin.
Playing role: Bowler
Fielding skills: All rounder
About this Ian: Ian is skilful leg-spin bowler, and all around top bloke who loves his cricket and his club.  His attention to detail and calm approach allowed us overcome some tricky stages in the project when others might have given up.

Ian N


Batting style: Right hand, agricultural
Bowling style: Right hand, Off spin.
Playing role: Bowler
Fielding skills: None.  Long barrier only.
About this Ian: Ian is married with two children.  He works as an IT Security Consultant.  Ian has a mental block when working in mirror (wiring from the back), and was solely responsible for the incorrect wiring of around half the digits.  Only the patients and calming words of Ian B ensure the project was completed!

Ian M

Batting style: Right hand, very correctIMG_1075

Bowling style: Right hand, Medium pace away swing
Playing role: All rounder
Fielding skills: Legend and coach.
About this Ian: Ian is a level 2 coach, is chairman of our club and also spends most of his summer evenings maintaining our pitch.  Ian owns his own business, and has a fancy laser cutter for the plastic we used.  Ian is an all around good guy, who took time out from bailing flood water out of his house to help us with this project.