Software downloads are available from the various instruction web pages, but are collated here for simplicity!  For instructions on how to install and setup the various software please look at the instruction by clicking on the ‘Build It’ or ‘Optional Extras’ menu.

Please remember that all software written here was written by volunteers, and was not intended for commercial use.  If you come up with an interesting modification, or an alternative use – please share it with us and the rest of the community.  Many hundreds of hours of work go in to writing the software and maintaining these instructions.  If you have benefited from this, please pass on the favour and contribute to the project!

To that end, all software published here is subject to the terms of GPLv3 licence (unless otherwise stated, perhaps in the various libraries that we use).  Please download and use the software, but please also share improvements or changes with the community.

Click on the image to download the latest version of the software.

Software Description Download
gplv3-127x51 GPL licence under which all software on this site (unless otherwise stated) is released. Download
Raspbian May 2016 editon needed for the Raspberry instructions! Download
 webpage Core scoreboard software for both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  This includes the Westbury on Severn web interface. Download
 jessie16 Optional – Replacement web interface written by Chris R at Bradford upon Avon CC.  Very popular! Download
 IMG_0145 Testing – Counter sketch used to help with testing during the build. Download
IMG_0181 Optional – Ian M’s GravoGraph machine designs for the plastic lenses and cutouts used to build the board.  Please note this is a new and improved design (not the one shown in the photo) Download
Optional – BETA Play Cricket Pro Integration Helper software that converts the XML output created by Play Cricket Pro and updates the scoreboard automatically.  WARNING BETA SOFTWARE! Download
 2 Optional – Laver and Wood excel scorebook which has been modified to automatically update the scoreboard with the help of Tony R from Dyrham CC. Download
TCS-Logo Optional – BETA total cricket scorer integration software which automatically updates the scoreboard. Download
 tweet  Optional – BETA live update helper.    This software is used alongside the optional total cricket scorer integration to post score updates to Twitter and Facebook. Download
 boycott Optional – Software required for a second spectator scoreboard, which is updated from the main board.  (I haven’t got a picture of one yet!) Download
 interfaceoutput Optional – Web interface change to support Lawn Bowls Download
 gold3 Optional – Lawn bowls excel scorebook with wireless integration to the scoreboard Download
 interfaceaf Optional – American Football scoreboard web interface written by Chris R at Bradford upon Avon and associated sketch file written by me.  Please note this software is currently in BETA and therefore has not been tested from end to end.  If you use it and it works – please let us know! Download
Optional – Baseball scoreboard interface and sketch adapted by Renaud at Namur Angles. Download
Optional – Rugby interface written by John at Tabard RFC Download