Gator’s Pub Volleyball

Fred H from Rhode Island contacted me in 2016 to tell me about his project to build a Volleyball scoreboard.  He finally finished this summer, but it has taken me months to put together this page (sorry Fred!).

I’m thinking that if the weather is often like it is shown in the photo that maybe we should go on cricket tour to Rhode Island.  Oh for blue sky like this on game day in the UK.  I remember a day sometime in 2007 where it was nearly that blue…….

As you can see after nearly two full on years of effort Fred has single handedly completed an amazing build.  Not happy with using a mobile or tablet to control the scoreboard Fred even designed and built his own manual scorers controller which could be used by the referee to set the scores.

Top work Fred!

As you might have read from Stuart’s build at Stalybridge, a single person build can be tough.  Fred persevered despite some tough setbacks, and like most people involved in the project is keen to contribute back to the buildyourownscoreboard project.  You can also read all about his build, including lots of photos and design details over on his own My Volleyball Scoreboard Blog!