Links to other projects


The SparkFun 12ft clock was the inspiration for our project, and showed how to use LED modules to build 7 segment displays. It was this tutorial that i stumbled across that made me wonder about building a scoreboard.

But I don’t understand the electronics

Well, proto-pic a UK electronics reseller helped out with their shifter project with helpful circuit diagram and some example software!

Ok, so even if I do work out the circuits what about soldering?

Well this magnificent website helps with all things electrical, and taught us all about breadboards, stripboards and soldering.  Before we started this project, only one of us had done any soldering since school, and that nearly resulted in a house fire.

Ok so even if I work it all out how do I control this thing?

Well this magic project shows us the way.

Other projects that helped us out

  • Arduino – Micro controller and associated development environment, used to send signals to the shifters to turn the modules on and off.
  • Proto-Pic – Initial version of the shifter library which is used to drive the LEDs from the Arduino
  • jQuery Mobile – Software library for mobile devices.
  • Mobiscroll – An add on for jQuery which provides the wheel interface used on the webpage
  • PHP-Serial – A php library that provides an interface to the serial port.  Used to drive the arduino from the Raspberry PI
  • Raspberry PI – A credit sized computer which runs the user interface (web page) and drives the Arduino.
  • CmdMessenger – A library for Arduino that provides a string messaging interface.