Next steps

We have the following plans for improving the scoreboard.  If you are interested in contributing or even sponsoring on of these, please let us know via the contact us page.

  1. Build a scoreboard shed – Complete Summer 2015
  2. Install a solar panel system to power the board – Complete Summer 2015
  3. Create a spectator scoreboard using a second Raspberry Pi and a TV – Complete 2015
  4. Enable the scoreboard to send out twitter updates – Completed 2016
  5. Enable the scoreboard to support the totalcricketscorer scorers app – Completed 2016

Scoreboard shed – complete

Club member and top timber craftsman Greg has built the club an absolutely fantastic new shed for the scoreboard  at the start of 2015.


The shed has an overhanging roof which keeps the scoreboard dry, and also provides some shade from the direct sun, making the score easier to read.    We also have a cover (not shown), which we put on at the end of every games to make sure everything stays dry and free from vandalism. Total cost of materials for this fantastic building were around £1200, but this is built to last.

Solar panel system- complete

When Greg built the new score shed,  we needed a new power source.  As everything in the scoreboard actually runs on 12v or less, it is well suited to running from a solar system.  Ian M bought and installed a solar panel, controller and a large battery to run the system.  It has been in use all season, and worked perfectly. Ian invested around £220 for a solar panel system and battery (  For those interested, the battery Ian used was a Lucas LX31MF Leisure Battery (110Ah).

Spectator scoreboard – complete

Before the new score shed was built, we had the scoreboard installed in the equipment container at the far side of the ground.  Some spectators on the patio found the score hard to read, so we worked on a spectator scoreboard that ran from a second Raspberry Pi and old TV.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Spectator scoreboard

As you can see from the above image, we got this working quite quickly by getting the scoreboard raspberry pi to publish  updates via JSON every time the score changed.  We then used javascript in a HTML page to refresh the scores regularly.  All we had to do on the second raspberry pi was to connect to the wireless network and display the page.  This project was completed, but then almost immediately retired when the scoreboard was moved to the new score shed as it was no longer needed.  The TV was heavy and difficult to set up, so there was no need to carry on using it.  Please use the contact us form if you would like me to send you the updated code for this project.

Twitter updates – Completed 2016

We have written a basic integration for Total Cricket Scorer which will also send updates to Twitter and Facebook.


To make this work, we need to setup a laptop on two networks (scoreboard and internet) (and probably put some better passwords on everything to stop the Internet from changing the score!).  Details of the software required can be found on the Total Cricket Scorer integration (optional) page.

Scorer software – Completed 2016

We spent several months in the winter of 2015/2016 writing an integration of Total Cricket Scorer.  Please note: We are in no-way linked to TCS, and as with everything else on this website the integration is given away without charge.  In order to use the TCS integration you will need to purchase an addition £200 scoreboard licence from TCS (not us).

Details of the software required can be found on the Total Cricket Scorer integration (optional) page.