Potton Town Cricket Club

James and Sean from Potton Town Cricket Club, were one of the first teams to visit the buildyourownscoreboard website after we published it, and have been working diligently on their project since February 2016, finally completing their build in July 2016.


Unfortunately for James and Sean, they were a bit of a guinea pig for following the instructions.  It was only with their persistent approach to testing that we were able to identify problems with the Arduino code (compiling correctly on the latest Arduino IDE) and some inconsistencies in the instructions for setting up the Raspberry.  Subsequent website visitors should be appreciative of this teams continued patients, as we fixed the issues to make it easier for everyone else!

As you can see from the pictures, the team mounted each number set onto its own MDF board and wired them as a set before mounting them to the board and wiring the full circuits through.


James and Sean also routed out each individual hole on the 12mm ply for the LED’s, and also routed a wider 3mm ‘lip’ on the front of the board around LED hole so that they could sit their 3mm Perspex covers on them (as we tried and failed to do in our original build!).


Getting the Perspex right took a bit of time as we ordered the individual pieces with square corners (at 18p per piece) as it cost £5.18 per piece to have them cut with curved ends!!  This meant that we shaped each piece with a belt sander before gluing it into place.  James says it was a bit time consuming but the end result was a good one!

Overall, as i am sure you would agree this is another fantastic build.  Well done Potton Town, go the Rams!