Stalybridge St. Paul’s Cricket Club

Stuart E from Stayleybridge St Paul’s CC, is one of those rare club volunteers who gives up his time for the club, despite not ever being a playing member.  From what I can tell, Stuart is the 2nd team scorer, web site maintainer, scoreboard builder and all around club hero.



Stuart has done an amazing job, and built the most amazing looking board.  However, the build wasn’t without its problems, and for me his blog posts demonstrates that building a board can be a difficult, time consuming and frustrating task.  Before starting work on your build, I recommend reading Stuart’s blog on the SSPCC website:


We learnt a lot from Stuart’s build, and due to his diligence I have been able to make a number of updates to the site to help new scoreboard builders to avoid some of the problems Stuart has been having.  Thank you Stuart…  Every club should have someone like you……